Lose Weight Naturally – The Authority Food Nutrition Way

AuthorityFoodNutrition.com has teamed up with a leading nutritionist/personal trainer and devised a new fat incinerating exercise and lifestyle plan that will shed body fat within seven days, without having to resort to any types of supplements, experiencing extreme hunger, and leaving out particular types of foods.

The secret to this plan is to implement small sacrifices by using specific techniques.

The one-size-fits all plans often do not work. You are more likely to remain loyal to a plan if it fits around your existing lifestyle.

As long as you remain dedicated to at least three of the tips set out below, and you remain steadfast for seven consistent days, you’ll see some changes.

It’s pretty simple, stick to the plan and by this time next week; you’ll be looking good and feeling super light.

Salmon Is Great to Lose Weight Quickly

salmon for diet

Salmon is jam-packed with nutrients that work to enhance the skin and tone up the muscles. Some nutritionists seem to think that a portion of salmon can help to achieve a more contoured face!

Stand Upright

By simply standing upright, and keeping your shoulders back and holding your belly firm gives you a much slimmer and toned appearance around the core.

Anti-Gas Pills

Anti-gas pills are readily available over-the-counter at most drugstores and are a great way of relieving a bloated stomach which results from the breakup of small gas bubbles inside the digestive system.

Stomach Exercises

Stomach Exercises

Most, if not all bodybuilders perform sit-ups and squats before competing because these routines help to add definition.

To start off with, you could try doing three or four sets of 10 reps of each exercise, and you will soon notice that your legs, your butt, and your abs will feel much tighter.

Incorporate a Food Sacrifice

By forfeiting one food items such as French fries or a chocolate dessert after your dinner can ultimately eliminate a few hundred calories from your overall diet.

This will ultimately mean that you will have less body fat without any real starvation. Alternatively, you can utilize hCG weight loss drops to boost your energy and resist the hunger for optimal endurance.

Regular Push-Ups and Lunges

Push-Ups and Lunges

Push-ups and lunges are excellent ways of sculpting the muscles. Try to do up to 4 sets of 10 reps of each exercise 3 to 4 times a week.

Push-ups target your upper body, and lunges work your thighs, hips, and your buttocks.

When performing push-ups, try to ensure that your back and legs form a straight line, similar to planks. By performing these exercises in the correct manner will help you develop better muscle tone.

Lunges, in particular, are prefect for developing more lean muscle, particularly when you use dumbbells in each hand.

Sleep More

An extra 20 minutes of sleep every night can help you to make wiser choices when picking foods. More sleep is a great way of avoiding “quick fix” snacks that are designed to provide an energy surge.

Moreover, the extra rest will eliminate feelings of tiredness and fatigue, which are common excuses people use for avoiding the gym.

Did you know that by getting good quality REM sleep on a regular basis is a great way of boosting your metabolism? And did you also know that your body repairs itself while you sleep?

Being on Top Is Healthier

Regular sex sessions are a great way of incinerating fat. Ladies take note, the next time you get jiggy with your guy, make sure you go on top and take control. Your “on top” activity will mean that you will burn more calories.

Sex is also ideal for enhancing neurotransmitters that help to eliminate food cravings. Moreover, improving the HGH would enhance your stamina for this activity.

Coffee is Good

Coffee as Appetite Suppressant

Do you know that a cup of coffee can enhance your morning routine and make it more productive because it will energize your workout?

A simple cup of coffee will supercharge your workout, and you will burn more calories and push yourself harder without even realizing.

Don’t like coffee? There is still a Green Coffee Bean Extract option with a simplicity to consume.

Cardio Everyday

Do Cardio Everyday

The general rule of thumb is that any exercise that increases the heart rate burns calories.

You’ll burn even more calories if your cardiovascular routine involves using many muscles at the same time.

Running is probably the best and most commonly known form of cardio that is guaranteed to shred almost anyone, regardless of what physical condition and individual may be in.

Other favorite routines include spinning, Zumba, and even cardio kickboxing. A simple 30 minutes of cardio can burn up to 300 to 400 calories.

The new cardio craze at the moment is high-intensity interval training (HiiT). This involves short, intense bursts of cardio, followed by a brief low-intensity phase.

Avoid White Grain Foods

By eliminating all white grain products which include white bread and spaghetti, will almost immediately cause you to become slimmer. These foods are super packed with carbs which are associated with bloating.

These types of carbohydrates cause chaos inside the body because they digest extremely quickly, which means you will be hungrier all the more sooner.

So, rather than replacing these items with whole grain alternatives, why not do stick to vegetables for the next seven days?

So, your next chicken sandwich will be replaced by a Greek salad.

The carbohydrates you get from vegetables are much slower to digest, leaving you feeling fuller.

And Finally, Drink Plenty of Water!

Water is the best way of re-hydrating the body because it doesn’t contain any calories, carbs, sodium or anything of the sort, which means it is the perfect slimming drink on the planet.

Drinking water can help to flush out excess water weight, while also supercharging your metabolic system.

We mean look at the alternatives… a sports drink, beer, a smoothie… all contain 100+ calories. Even worse, these drinks won’t leave you satisfied the same way a food source containing 100+ calories would.