#1 Best Testosterone Booster on the Market – Natural Supplements & Pills for Muscle Gain

Testosterone is not a word that is uncommon, even outside of the weightlifting universe. It’s a well-known hormone that is a vital part of the human make up.

It’s also an essential part of muscle building, which is why many lifters will look into trying to find a supplement or steroid that acts as a testosterone booster.

Especially if they’re not happy with the progress they are naturally making – building muscle mass can be a lengthy process. Sometimes, people don’t want to wait that long.

It’s also important to note that for people who are looking to lose fat at the same time, they usually place their muscle mass at risk as the body will try and use it for energy.

With a good supply of testosterone, you reduce this risk and work through the body fat without risking the muscles.

What Does Testosterone Do?

Testosterone has multiple different roles in the body. In younger males, it’s responsible for the development of their male sexuality – i.e. the deeper voice, the hair growth on the face, legs and other body parts, and is in high use during puberty.

Functions of Testosterone

It’s a type of androgen. While it isn’t just men that produce it, females also have a specific supply in their bodies too.

In studies done, testosterone supplements in males helped increase the muscle mass and encouraged fat burning giving credit to the hormone when it came to the theory that it can help people quickly increase their mass.

Of course, as with all anabolic steroids, testosterone is also illegal unless prescribed by a doctor – and most doctors won’t prescribe it just because someone says they want bigger muscles.

It usually requires there to be an actual medical condition or noticed a decrease in natural testosterone levels.

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone in men are typically easy to spot, with things such as hair loss, no sex drive or the inability to perform (erectile dysfunction), a noticed increase in breast size, and sudden body fat gain.

If you’re showing any of these signs, the doctor may be the right step!


Testosterone AlternativeLuckily, there are other versions out there that are natural testosterone boosters and can help increase the production of testosterone hormone in the body while remaining completely legal to take.

One definite testosterone booster is Testo-Max by Crazy Bulk.

It’s created from natural ingredients, is safe and legal to use and easy to purchase online and have it shipped directly to your door.

Testo-Max works to raise testosterone by using the Tribulus Terrestris plant, which contains chemicals known as steroidal saponins. This is the magic formula that encourages your body by increasing the levels of luteinizing hormones.

It also boasts to include a higher concentration of the saponins than most other marketed brands do, giving you better results and higher testosterone levels.

If you’re looking at how to increase and boost testosterone levels, then a supplement such as this could be the answer for you.

You can’t buy testosterone online legally, but you can definitely get legal versions of testosterone pills, such as this particular testosterone replacement booster.

Testosterone Booster

Testosterone can have side effects in anyone that takes it, but thanks to the natural supplement version that is offered by Crazy Bulk means that you can have all the benefits of testosterone supplements without any of the unwanted side effects.

The supplement with raise testosterone offers positive results and can be considered one of the best testosterone boosters on the market without any legal ramifications.

The recommended period for the supplement is two months on a week and a half off. The recommended serving size is also three capsules per day, and the bottles come with 30 servings, allowing a month of the tables in one purchase.

After a month, the results should definitely be visible and enough for you to decide if the tablets and worth continuing or not.

Testosterone in Women

For those women who want to get mass muscle gain, for the most part, the female body is not designed to bulk the same way that a male does, and this is purely down to the fact most women do not produce as much testosterone as men do.

Too much testosterone in women can end in a high androgen count, which can cause symptoms and side effects such as acne, hirsutism and problems with their monthly period cycles.

Testosterone replacement therapy is something that has been looked at and studied but is a rare solution for most doctors when it comes to females, due to the dosages available legally usually being very high.

Reviews of Testosterone Max Booster

For those who have used the Crazy Bulk supplement of Testo-Max, the reviews left on the site are wholly positive.

People are pleased with the results that they are getting, which include strength gains with their max lift going up, a good loss of body fat to lead to a leaner and fitter body, and people are noting that they’re gaining a right amount of muscle mass.

Result of Testosterone Booster Pill Testosterone supplement result

Other people have commented about how impressed they are with the supplements and how much they’ve helped them increase their workouts. It’s also been noted that it has supported with sex drive, improving performance there too, which is always an added bonus.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a legal supplement that will help increase the amount of testosterone in the body without resorting to illegal steroids, then Testo-Max could definitely be the right product.

It naturally increases the production in the body, raising testosterone and helping people gain muscle mass and burn off unwanted body fat without having to worry about being caught or tested.

The reviews and results speak for themselves, with people very happy so far with their results, usually after one bottle. It goes hand in hand with a good work out schedule and a clean homeopathic diet to give your body the best chance.

They’re easy to purchase, and usually come with a promotion that allows you to stack with other products to get the ultimate gains you can possibly get in one month time, leaving you happy with the image that looks back at you from a mirror.