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There are plenty of substance and unwanted secondary effects in recent food as well as medication, and plenty of consumers are searching for an alternative approach to take care of a number of wellness issues and the prevalent weight problems. Authorityfoodnutrition.com gives you a lot of knowledge on those treatments where it’s possible to prepare the answer in your own area.

Our website is written by a collaboration of nutritionists, physicians, bloggers, product researchers, and market intelligence experts.


Sam Barry

Samuel Barry is an expert physician who also deepened psychiatry during his career. He authored numerous research writings through development with the support of scientific research, clinical spectrum, and follow-up studies.

Mary Co-Founder

Mary Enig, co-founder of Authority Food Nutrition. She is a licensed nutritionist and dietitian who conducted different solid researches on the role of saturated fats to a diet. Before, in 2007, she was one of the most respected writers and publishers of the Journal of American College of Nutrition.

Julia Margareth

Julia Margareth, a physician who has also been an editor for many medical journals since 1995. She is acknowledged among the many authoritative researchers in her arena. She also dedicates herself to developing the Regenerative Medicine Centre in London.

patricia orenstein

Patricia Orenstein is the research manager of Authority Food Nutrition. Patricia has been a researcher, writer, and blogger since 2010. She helps readers to find solutions to their problems by conducting internet research with product comparison methods, affordability, satisfaction study, and direct consumer surveys.

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