PhenQ Review – Why Would It Not Work for Some People

PhenQ keeps getting a lot of attention, but you need to consider what people are saying. What if it doesn’t work?

That is something that people are questioning right now. Well, if you look at what the reviews are saying, you’ll find that there are a few things to note.

The following are some of the pros and cons that people discuss when reviewing this solution. It will highlight the answers to the question of if PhenQ works well.

Why Would PhenQ Not Work?

Could there be a negative issue with this option? Well, it could very well be something to consider overall.

#1. Gained Weight

The first misconception is that weight loss means scale loss. Many people got mad about this supplement because they gained weight. They gained 3 to 5 pounds a week.

But it’s imperative to understand that muscle weighs more than fat, so the scale could lie.

PhenQ Review from Customer
Negative Review
Phenq Reviews from Customer

#2. No Energy

Individuals that did not change their lifestyle, and ate the same, said they saw no energy boost at all.

PhenQ Negative Reviews
Negative Testimonial of PhenQ

The Reason Why It May Not Work

As you read the negative reviews, remember, a little exercise can help boost the results. Also, muscle will come through the fat cells, and that is going to make the scale lie to you.

The scale is going to say you’ve gained, but your waistline will drop.

Review of Phenq

If this doesn’t work, it may be because your body is not used to metabolic spikes and losing weight. It takes time. Sometimes more than a couple of weeks.

more PhenQ testimonials

How to Make PhenQ Work for You?

What about the positive side of things? What exactly are successful people saying? Well, there’s a lot to learn here in order to make PhenQ work for you.

Amidst the most common reviews, several factors come into play. The factors are common in the positive, verified purchases. The following are just some of the most common focuses.

#1. Boosting Metabolic Rate (This Does Take Some Time for Certain People)

The first thing you’ll see is simple, energy. PhenQ focuses on boosting energy levels. By doing this, it helps the body have more stamina. That means that you can get through workouts, exercise, and more without tiring. Aside from that, it helps boost the metabolic rate.

Positive Review 1Positive Review 2

Metabolism helps burn fat cells. It burns fat outright, so that you can help reduce belly fat, and increase muscle in the right areas. By doing this, you can lose weight while at rest.

With a metabolic increase, your fat cells will drop and allow for results that can be seen within a short span of time.

#2. Changing Appetite - Eliminate The Bad Habit

Appetite levels will diminish. The problem most people have is snacking.

People have stated that overeating is not easy, because the supplement helps reduce cravings when they hit most.

Weight loss issues diminish because people eat less, without worry. No more hunger pains. Easy weight loss, and changing appetite regularly.

Reviews of PhenQ Fat Burner

Phenq Versus Phen375

One last note that you should know is simple, PhenQ and Phen375 are not the same. There are subtle differences that you should know, including the quick rundown below.

Those that are confusing the two should know that the ingredients are slightly different. They may do the same thing, but they do so in different capacities. The differences are in the blend and proprietary solution.

From the Capsaicin to the Nopal, you’ll find that each solution has a different main ingredient list, and blend. They both can work, technically, but not without minor lifestyle changes.

Why Choose PhenQ?

PhenQ has recently been recognized as one of the revolutionary fat burning supplements because right now there are millions of people trying to lose weight through traditional means. They are trying to do so with exercise, extreme diets, and even trying weight loss supplements.

The problem that most people are facing, however, is that they are not seeing results. If you have tried different things in the past and are not seeing any real results, then you may know the frustration that others are facing.

How does one get a helping hand with weight loss, and how does one keep it off?

One way to get this done is through the use of a fat burning pill. When you review different solutions, you’ll see that some are getting a lot of attention and others aren't.

One such solution that is getting a lot of reviews is that of PhenQ. This is a weight loss supplement that claims to help with increasing metabolic rate, and producing amazing results for weight loss.

PhenQ is a natural fat burning supplement, plain and simple. It seems simple enough, as it is meant to help you focus on losing weight.

It promises to deliver results fast, and without many issues. It’s a solution that utilizes some of the best ingredients in other formulations to help with keeping you slim.

When you read the official website, you’ll find that the promises that the company states are varied.

PhenQ Results Before and After

Again, Does PhenQ Work As It Says?

Are the claims real? Could you lose weight? The following breakdown is going to show you just what to expect, including a rundown of the ingredients, benefits, how it works, side effects, reviews, and much more.

This will give you an educated view of what to expect and whether it’s right for you in an honest manner.

The company promises a unique product that burns fat, suppresses appetite, blocks fat, improves mood, boosts energy, and is 100% pure and high quality overall. Simply put, it promises that you can lose weight, fast, and naturally.

These promises are based on the ingredients that the company mixes in the formula.

If you want to know how effective a product is, do not just look at testimonials. But look at the ingredients contained therein, and how each ingredient contributes to weight loss.

When you look at the ingredients, you’ll start to see what’s really going on with this supplement.

PhenQ for Weight Loss

The 6 Most Important Ingredients

Focusing on the ingredients is the most important thing that you can do whenever you’re looking at supplements.

Whether you’re comparing things like PhenQ vs Phen375, or you’re just looking at just “one” thing, you need to focus on the ingredients to ensure that you’re not getting taken for a ride.

In the case of PhenQ, you’ll find that the ingredient list is as follows:

  • Caffeine
  • Capsimax Powder
  • Nopal
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • L-Carnitine Furmarat

These ingredients are commonplace in supplements. However, this formulation is unique to this particular brand and solution. Each one does a different thing, but when you combine them, you’ll find that they help with producing an interesting result.

The following breaks down each ingredient and how it works to help the body. You’ll then see why this could very well be something to help you lose weight and gain the upper hand against gains.

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine Improves Metabolic RateCaffeine is not just something that picks you up in the morning. When used properly, not just by drinking coffee, you can find that it helps with the body’s metabolic rate.

It can help with exercise, producing energy pockets for stamina, and endurance.

Found in this natural form, you’re going to find that it can give you a bit of alertness, but also physical energy. This is NOT the same as energy drinks, mind you.

  1. Capsimax Powder

Capsimax Powder

There are 4 major chemical elements found in this powder. It includes vitamin B3, caffeine, capsicum, and piperine, which all work together to help burn fat cells.

The metabolic rate that you have will boost a bit, and that is done by raising the body’s internal temperature.

You may feel a bit warmer than normal, but you’ll melt fat and start to see results within a short span. This all helps with pushing the body’s metabolism, which slows down when you’re older. It’s a fast acting, easy to utilize natural combination.

  1. Nopal

Nopal IngredientNopal is a Spanish word for cactus. The elements found in this supplement use the extract of cactus plants, and uses it for the fiber that it has.

The extract is high potency fiber that you do not get with other solutions.

What this does is twofold. It helps with reducing your hunger, and it helps with weight loss through fiber elements. That means that you’ll eat, the digestion will become easier, and you’ll have an easier time eliminating waste.

You’ll feel full, you’ll digestive easier, and you’ll see results fast.

  1. Chromium Picolinate

Chromium PicolinateThis is an interesting solution that helps you in several ways. It helps regulate sugar in your blood, it helps with controlling energy, and eliminating fat cells over time.

It’ll block fat, eliminate carbs, and give you a great deal of help with your circulation.

It’s like eating a salad daily, with no dressing, and a little protein. It helps at the cellular level and gives you optimal energy levels and stamina for when you work out, and controls hunger over time.

  1. Calcium Carbonate

Calcium CarbonateThe purpose of calcium is already known. But calcium carbonate is a special element that is extracted from the calcium mineral so that you are able to get a better handle on weight loss.

What this does is simple, it helps burn through fat, and eliminate cells that pack around the stomach, thighs, and other areas.

At the molecular level, it’s meant to help with metabolic spikes so that your fat cells turn into energy. Once it’s finished doing that, you’ll replace fat cells by muscle, and that will stay, blocking fat cells.

  1. L-Carnitine Furmarate

L-Carnitine Fumarate Powder

You may see this in health food stores. This is often sold to body builders. The reason why this is so important is because it takes stalled fat cells and turns them into pure energy.

That means that when you’re at rest, the metabolic rate starts to churn through the loose and packed fat cells and helps you stay alert, and awake during your daily routine.

You’ll feel as though you have a nice boost of energy when you need it most, and it’ll no doubt help you down the line.

How Do All These Ingredients Work Together?

It’s easy to just say that this all works. But how does it really work? Is it that you don’t eat? Is it the energy? Or are you doing all the work? How exactly does this work?

That’s the big question that people are going to ask, and the answer is actually simple. This supplement works in a very simplified manner.

The big picture here is internal body temperature increase (Capsimax Powder), metabolic boost (Caffeine and Calcium Carbonat), and fat blocking (Chromium Picolinate). The ingredients all work together to do this within the body.

That means that you’ll eat less, get an energy boost through fat cell burning, and then block future fat.

Furthermore, your daily routine will change, and with the added energy, you can get more exercise and start to burn even more fat.

Here’s the kicker, you don’t need to exercise to see results. The thermogenesis of this product is such that you can lose marginal weight without changing routine.

But you will change things because you won’t feel hungry, you won’t feel tired, and you’ll have a kick of energy. It’s that simple.

Its Benefits Compared with Similar Products

Now that you know the ingredients and what they are supposed to do, you’ll understand the benefits that can come alongside this supplement. But what are the real results and the benefits?

Each ingredient alone can deliver results, but what if you combined them and took this supplement on a daily basis? What benefits does the company state? That’s something to consider, as it will show you whether or not it’s worth exploring.

Here are the main benefits that the company is promoting, and what you should expect from the ingredients listed above, in the formula in this product.

  1. No Side Effects

Many weight loss supplements are stimulants and cause side effects. This does not.

The reason why is simple, because the ingredients are 100% natural and derived from real sources. They are not just chemical compounds or stimulants.

  1. Natural Energy Increase

With a spike in metabolic rate, you’ll find that you’ll get a natural energy boost from caffeine and other sources.

Your body will also turn fat cells into energy, so when you’re not getting that caffeine boost, your body will be giving you that energy from the cells that are normally “fatty” tissue.

  1. Block Future Fat Cells

Once your fat cells are burned through, you’ll find that future fatty tissue will get blocked by the supplement. That is critical to keeping weight off.

Once it’s off, you will not gain it back. Other options don’t do this, which is why you may see others gain weight after the initial drops that they have.

  1. Appetite Suppression

One of the tried and true reasons why people lose weight is because they don’t eat as much. Suppression of appetite is critical to gaining the upper hand.

That’s what you’ll find to be true with this option.

You’re going to find that the appetite suppression element found in this product is natural, fiber rich, and helps you avoid overeating.

How Long Should Does It Take To See Results?

Everyone will ask how long it takes. People want an immediate answer to their weight loss, and that’s not always easy to answer.

The reviews of this product point to an interesting picture, and the ingredients do in fact help.

If you take this option as recommended, you will see the first initial pounds come off in 7 days. However, the bottle recommends you take 30 days of the supplement, and add a bit of exercise. With that, you can see results every 14 days, and get full results within 3 months.

The pounds you will lose is not stated, but given research on the ingredients, you could lose 2 – 5 pounds a week, and some will see more, depending on several health factors.

The benefits continue if you use the product past 60 days, as there are other benefits to taking the supplement.

The Key to Get The Results  

Reviews are important to consider whenever you’re looking at weight loss supplements. That includes what people are saying about PhenQ.

In this case, you’ll find that people are positive about the results.

The people that are getting the most benefits, are also changing up their diet, exercise, and are pushing the limits while taking the formula.

Those that are seeing limited results, are not doing anything differently, and are seeing minor changes. Either way, the reviews remain positive, and those that take it as recommended are in fact seeing results.

The Side Effects

There are a lot of weight loss products that could very well cause problems with your body, and system. Even prescription medications can be tough to deal with.

Side effects related to this weight loss supplement are extremely rare. Only those that have extreme caffeine allergies may see any issues.

However, the ingredient list has been approved by the FDA, and there are no major problems outside of caffeine issues, if you have an extreme allergy.

Because the ingredients are derived from 100% natural resources, and are meant to help stimulate the body’s natural secretions and metabolic rate, there are no major side effects. Plus the formula has been tested with several clinical trials to ensure safety, and effective use. You will not have to worry.

Should You Buy PhenQ Supplement?

It’s easy to tell you that this is the best supplement. However, that’s not the point of this honest review.

Reviews of PhenQ Fat BurnerFrom what can be seen above, with a look at the ingredient list, the reviews, and the benefits, it is a good solution.

However, it’s important to note that results vary based on your own health and wellness.

While it could work for men and women, there are factors such as age, weight, and medical history to consider.

Overall, however, Phen-Q is a natural formula that aims to help people lose weight, naturally, which is a good thing.


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