How to Lose Weight Fast with 5 Best Exercises in 2017

Is there a quick way to lose weight safely, naturally, and quickly?

YES, there are not one, but many ways of achieving one’s weight loss goals naturally and quickly, but not effortlessly. To do this, one should exercise to lose weight fast. Here are at least 5 best and most effective exercises to lose weight fast.

Different Exercises

The beautiful thing is that the top exercises to lose weight do not necessarily entail hours at the gym nor do they have to be expensive. A person can do a weight loss workout even at the comfort of his house. There are five different exercises that a person can choose from.

He may want to do the dynamic moves of a cardio workout, a dance move exercise, a combat workout, or a high-intensity training exercise. Another person may want to target a specific part of his body, say the abdominal area. He may want to do one of the workouts to get rid of belly fat.

The choice of the best exercise for weight loss depends on the person. The following are various exercise types to suit one’s activity levels and requirements.

1. Cardio Workout

An excellent cardio workout for losing weight in a snap is INSANITY MAX:30, which one can do in only half an hour! What makes Shaun T’s workout effective is that the only equipment needed here is the human body. There is no need for bulky exercise equipment like weights or elliptical machines.

INSANITY MAX:30 comprises 150 exercise moves and each move has a low-impact modifier that ensures the person goes on until it’s time for him to MAX OUT.

INSANITY MAX 3 reviews 2The workout is in a DVD form for quick access anytime and in the comfort of one’s home. There is no need to drive to a gym. No need to worry about how his workout attire looks. All that he needs is a decent pair of shoes, comfortable workout attire, and the will and stamina to go on.

Aside from the 12 cardio workouts and Tabata strength workouts, the INSANITY MAX:30 DVD set comes with bonus features, like bonus workouts, nutrition guides and workout calendars. With INSANITY MAX:30, one can achieve excellent results in more or less 60 days.

2. Strength Training

Strength training is an effective workout for body sculpting. How to get rid of belly fat and stay healthy? The P90X workout only takes 30 minutes and one will be ripped and healthy in no time. Is P90X worth it in terms of pricing? Yes, it is.

P90X3 Results

For an affordable price of at least three payments of $39.95 (plus shipping and handling), you can get the DVD set composed of the 30-minute P90X3 DVD with 16 workouts, a nutrition guide, a fitness guide, and a Pro-Grade Resistance Band.

The P90X3 workout is a dynamic workout that doesn’t involve cardio. The workouts vary daily. On a given day, you may be doing mixed martial arts and total-body resistance. On another day, you may need to do mobility, agility, yoga, plyometric exercises, and Pilates. The exercises vary so that you will not think that the best workout for weight loss is monotonous.

3. HIT (High-Intensity Training) Exercise

One of the best body weight workout programs is PiYo, which combines Pilates’ core-firming, muscle-sculpting benefits and Yoga’s flexibility and strength advantages. All PiYo exercises are done quickly in order to deliver a true low-impact, fat-burning workout that leaves your body to look defined, long, and lean.

Piyo Workout Training

PiYo does not let you hold intense poses or lead you to undergo repeated microscopic core movements. PiYo does everything quickly, so expect to be able to reach your target weight fast. PiYo introduces you to flowing, dynamic sequences that – at the same time – can burn calories, tone and lengthen the muscles, and increase your flexibility.

PiYo’s eight intense workouts are divided among three DVDs. In addition to the DVDs, you get a quick start guide and a PiYo 60-day workout calendar.

4. Dance Move Exercise

Dancing is the most effective exercise for weight loss for anyone who wants to do away with the boring stuff. One of the best dancing programs is Hip Hop ABS®. The workout is one of the best body weight training programs that help those who want to burn fat and have flatter abs.

hip hop abs review

For $20, Hip Hop ABS® offers four dynamic routines in just one package. The 13-minute ‘Secrets to Flat Abs’ routine targets the lower abs, upper abs, and obliques. All you need to do is tilt, tuck, and tighten to reach a sexy and flat midsection. The 30-minute ‘Fat Burning Cardio’ routine contains hip and fun dance moves to help a person shed fat and burn calories.

The 25-minute ‘Ab Sculpt’ routine is for the person who wants that sexy six-pack and the effects can be achieved even with no crunches or sit-ups. The 45-minute ‘Total Body Burn’ routine is a complete body workout that combines body-sculpting, cardio, and ab-defining exercise moves.

5. Combat Workout

For anyone who wants to try martial, the Les Mills Combat Workout is one of the more effective workout routines that guarantee weight loss in no time. The program offers the best in mixed martial arts. One gets ready to kick, punch, strike, and block the way to an incredibly ripped body with seven muscle-defining and calorie-busting workouts.

Les Mills Combat Reviews

Why the Les Mills Combat Workout? The secret here is the ‘Fast Twitch Integration Training,’ which blast the ‘fast twitch’ muscle fibers by taking varied martial arts disciplines’ dynamic moves and combining them in intense sequences.

In a single workout, one can lose 1,000 calories by doing Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, and Kung Fu/Karate. One can lose considerable weight in one month! The Les Mills Combat Workout package also includes a fitness guide, nutrition guide, a 7-day jump-start guide, the Les Mills Combat 60 extreme cardio fighter moves, and complimentary online support.

Specialized Workouts

Each weight training program and cardio program features the respective exercises’ creator. With this, one would think that such programs are personal training programs wherein he feels like he is getting special attention from a personal trainer.

Exercising to lose weight is best if there is a trainer around. However, many people do not want to hire expensive trainers or they don’t have time to accommodate a trainer.

This is why the exercise programs are the best weight loss workouts for women and men because each DVD features no less than the workout creators, who motivate people to follow the respective programs to lose weight effectively.

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