Diet Foods To Re-Shape Your Body Without Starving

The fact is catching on: even heavy exercise can’t overcome a bad diet. There’s no question that long term health or weight loss that actually sticks.

diet foodsA healthy diet is the way to lose excess weight, but it’s also the way to maintain a healthy weight once you’ve hit your goals.

A healthy diet is strong with most fruits, although beware of having too much high sugar fruits like many melons, coconuts, or pineapple. These are good in small amounts, but in large amounts there are some sugar issues. Vegetables in all forms should be a part of every single meal.

That is true whether you’re talking about healthy eating to lose or maintain weight. There are many top diet foods out there, and you can find many of them under all the most popular diet plans. These are the best of the best.

The solution to your weight loss goals and healthy eating needs is enjoying the power foods from these diets as the backbone of your eating plan.

Paleo Diet Foods

paleo diet food

The Paleo diet focuses on natural foods. Shrink away from sugar from any non-fruit source, white carbs, or processed and heavily refined foods.

The emphasis is on healthy fat and protein. Five of the best diet foods that are Paleo-friendly include:
– Avocado
– Unsalted nuts
– Salmon
– Eggs (and that includes the yolks!)
– Bison

HCG Diet Foods

hcg diet foods

The HCG diet focuses on a phase level diet, and the biggest challenge for many eaters seems to be the second phase. This is where dieters can learn about overall healthy eating. Power foods are an important part of the HCG diet.

Picking out the best HCG friendly power foods includes a diet heavy in:
– Asparagus
– Grilled chicken
– Special seafood (lobster, crab, whitefish)
– Apples
– Celery

Alkaline Diet Power Foods

Alkaline Diet Power Foods

The Alkaline Diet focuses on foods that provide energy and power for individuals who compete athletically but do not like the fat and protein from animal meat. This allows a vegetarian to vegan level of eating that doesn’t just focus on weight loss, but focuses on making an individual as healthy as possible.

This eating plan focuses on the necessity of keeping acid levels balanced in the body. A heavy emphasis on having raw foods helps the body digest.

Great Alkaline Diet Foods List
– Celery
– Unsalted, unprocessed nuts
– Red Onions
– Cauliflower
– Green grapes

Ketogenic Diet Super Foods

Ketogenic Diet Super Food

The Ketogenic Diet relies heavily on a very careful balance of what types of food are allowed. Tackling this plan as a whole for weight loss means avoiding foods on the “do not eat list” just as much as eating foods that are friendly to the Ketogenic plan. This is all about the careful balance of chemicals and hormones.

Even with that said, someone who doesn’t want to be on a diet that strict can take a look at some of the most important foods on this eating plan that help to fuel dieters and keep them with the energy they need throughout the day.

The right types of fat are critical, as is a balance with protein.

5 Important Ketogenic Diet Foods
– Salmon (go Pacific Salmon though, not Atlantic)
– Coconut oil
– Macadamia nuts
– Olive oil
– Poultry

Mediterranean Diet Foods

Best Mediterranean Food

The Mediterranean Diet is a balanced diet based around the common eating habits from Mediterranean communities like in Greece, Sicily, and other similar areas.

The importance is an emphasis on fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains (not processed), and lean protein and healthy fats in limited amounts.

Some of these power foods may look familiar from other lists, but it just goes to show their effectiveness in keeping entire cultures healthy for generations.

Top 6 Mediterranean Diet foods not to miss:
– Olive oil
– Legumes
– Shrimp
– Couscous
– Chickpeas
– Eggplant

The Power of The Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

Many individuals believe in a vegan diet because they don’t want to harm animals. Others simply see the incredible health benefits that this way of eating can offer by eliminating many of the foods known for causing inflammation in the body.

The vegan diet is simple: no meat, no animal products. Nothing that comes from an animal in any way (good-bye eggs and milk!)

This doesn’t mean that a vegan diet has to be lacking. In fact, this commitment to eating means finding the power foods that can help a dieter out most.

Top vegan food picks:
– Soy protein
– Sweet potatoes
– Eggplant
– Hazelnuts
– Peppers
– Brown rice

These foods can provide plenty of healthy energy and nutrients for the body and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The key to re-shaping your body starts with diet, depends on diet, and even the hardest efforts will be futile unless fueled by the proper diet. So follow these lists and eat your way to fitness!