The 4 Best Digestive Enzymes – Supplements for Health & Weight Loss

Digestive enzymes are molecules (mostly proteins) produced by the body to absorb the food that is consumed and be taken to the cellular linens. It speeds up a process in the body for an individual to function well through their day to day activities.

These digestive enzymes dissolve the chewed and swallowed food that so that the body could react very swiftly to different things.

List of 4 Best Selling Digestive Enzymes

To boost an individual’s enzymes for digestion, listed below are the best digestive enzyme supplements that were recommended for use:

1. Veganzyme

veganzyme digestive enzymes supplement

First manufactured by Global Healing Center, it is a purely vegetarian enzyme, with absolutely no source coming from animals.

Simply put, the best digestive enzyme supplement in the market today. It is made up of full vegetarian enriched enzymes to help eliminate phytic acid from plants, seeds and grains, plus toxins and mucus.

It is also completely toxin-free. It promotes healthy digestion and faster nutrient absorption.

Veganzyme is an individual’s all in one digestive enzyme supplement. Among all enzyme supplements, Veganzyme is the most complete. It is recommended to take 2-3 combination of capsules just to get the right amount of spectrum that a person needs.

It is a bit costly though, as compared to other supplements, but instead of taking 2-3 different supplements because one supplement’s enzymes are still not enough, it is still wiser to get Veganzyme. Quality is still better than quantity. It is definitely worth every penny.

There were several positive customer feedback that have been recorded. As it is truly a big help in digestion, though costly, people still say that Veganzyme is well worth every cent.

Even as compared to other supplements from leading manufacturers, Veganzyme still tops their list for the best digestive enzyme supplement.

2. CHEATmeals


A fat digesting enzyme that has the capacity to block fats from ingested foods and carbohydrates, and from sugar from accumulating in the blood.

It is best rated by more than 400 thousand satisfied users.

Customers have testified that they have actually achieved their weight loss goals by using this product.

It uses all-natural ingredients, with no added stimulants. It promotes digestion and prevents bloating, gas and acid reflux. It helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and improves blood sugar, gut irregularities, and colon health.

Cheatmeals was formulated by doctors and is clinically proven to be effective. There were no side effects that were recorded.

3. Dyflogest

Dyflogest Enzyme

Manufactured by Quantum Wellness Botanical Research, who has always followed the strict implementation of GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices, Dyflogest Enzyme System provides support to one’s enzyme in digestion by helping natural enzymes to break down one’s food intake, even those hard to digest carbohydrates.

It has been noted that this supplement is definitely all-organic, made from absolutely zero additives and artificial ingredients. This has made them gain the trust of customers since 1981.

This enzyme supplement was formulated to help in alleviating bloating and gas discomforts that is experienced by most people who are having a hard time digesting food.

4. C18 Digestive Enzyme Formula

digestion essentials kit

C18 Formula is made up of wide-range essential enzymes that help boost the body’s digestion by aiding its natural enzyme do their thing.

It lessens discomfort and helps utilize nutrients better.

C18 Digestive Formula is manufactured by BIOGETICA, one of the leading manufacturers for natural supplements in the world.

They have garnered numerous awards because of the many positive reviews brought about by consumers who have favored them over the years due of their excellence in surveys and nutritional analyses.

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Explanation about Digestive Enzymes

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These are enzymes which aid in the digestive process, making it ultimately easier for the body. This results to less energy consumed in digestive the food that you eat.

By breaking down chewed food, the acids in the stomach can dissolve the food much faster, allowing for a smooth digestion.

In simpler terms, the body does not absorb food; it only absorbs the nutrients that these foods have. And these enzymes for digestion make it possible.

Oftentimes, the stomach is burdened by mounds of food that take too long to be digested, such as complex carbohydrates, fatty foods, and processed meats.

Taking too long to be digested leads to food spoilage, a term known as putrefaction, resulting in fewer absorbed nutrients and other digestive tract problems.

But what’s great about these enzymes for digestion is that they function exactly how they do every time. However, the body could actually lose them when they stick to food that comes out of the body through elimination.

With this, the body would lose enzymes that are never replaced.

Digestive Enzymes Benefits

Now that digestive enzymes have been discussed in detail, it is easy to really point out the benefits of digestive enzymes to one’s health.

Listed below are some of the benefits that have been recorded throughout the studies that were made:

  • Enzymes promote a healthy digestive system. Enzymes are necessary for digestion and the more enzymes that aid in digestion, the easier it is for an individual’s bowel movement to take place. Enzymes help unclog and clean the digestive system.
  • Enzymes absorb nutrients. They transport the nutrients to the cells that require them. This means better and faster absorption, resulting to people becoming stronger and healthier.
  • Enzymes help break toxins and mucus. Aside from breaking down food particles, enzymes actually act as the body’s first defense from any harmful diseases and illness caused by food consumption.

Digestive Supplements Side Effects

Several health and medical issues have been noted if these digestive enzymes do not function as they should. Here are some of the irregularities that could actually occur: gas, feeling bloated after eating, and the possibility of having undigested food. All of which are irritating and could make an individual feel uncomfortable and unhealthy.

To Conclude

However helpful these digestive enzymes are, they do not reciprocate by themselves. The body alone does not produce enzymes and that is why digestive enzyme supplement is a must.

Including the enzyme supplement of choice, on a daily basis, usually during meals, would be a great aid in keeping a healthy digestive system.