Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Muscle Growth, Bulking & Cutting

Bodybuilding is not just about lifting and running cardio. You can eat well, you could exercise hard, but you may not see results that others see. To truly get results with body building, you’re going to need to look into taking bodybuilding supplements that help you with results.

Bodybuilding Supplements in Authority Food Nutrition

Bodybuilding requires supplements that are specific to the bulking process, and the cutting process. This is a balancing act of supplementation that helps with several different resources in the body. Done right, stacked correctly, you’ll find that the best bodybuilding supplements work together to help you lift more, see muscle develop across your body, and reduce fat across every cell. Not sure how this works?

Don’t worry, the following is going to help you understand how supplements work and how bulking and cutting work with the right balance of supplements.

The Bulking Stage of Bodybuilding

Bulking Process

First and foremost, you’re going to need to work with bulking. This is the part of bodybuilding where you literally pack on muscle onto your body. This requires a great deal of lifting, and working out in the gym. But it also requires your body to have a lot of supplementation. Without that, your body is going to take on the muscle you’re building, and just keep it within a certain level. You may get slightly bigger, but you will not get the “bulk” you seek.

In order to utilize the best supplements for bodybuilding, you first need to understand how different options help with bulking. The goal is not just to burn fat and pack on muscle, but rather to build muscle that is large, strong, and shows off your gym results.

That’s where the following 4 major supplements come into play. These are going to help with muscle growth. These muscle growth supplements help with the bulking stage, which goes before the cutting stage. With this, you’ll literally be building muscle on your body.

Bulking Stage Supplements and How They Work

Bodybuilding Bulking Stack

D-BAL (Dianabol Alternative)

Dianabol SteroidIn order for muscles to grow you need to retain oxygen rich blood cells, and nitrogen in the muscle tissue. The two elements help with the “look” of bigger muscles, and strength after the fact. This is what illegal steroids do, but with this supplement, you get the body’s natural systems to work overtime, without side effects, or stimulants.

TESTO-MAX (Testosterone Alternative)

Bodybuilding Testosterone PillsTestosterone is imperative for the body. You need the body to produce this, not steroids or other stimulants. If you let the body produce this, you will not get side effects. Remember that little element. With the correct testosterone levels, your body will keep the muscle you’re trying to build, and will look dynamic down the line.

DECADURO (Deca Durabolin)

Deca DurabolinThis very important pre-workout solution helps with energy and muscle gain. When you’re taking supplements for bodybuilding, they are not miracle drugs. You have to put in serious work in the gym, and that’s where this supplement comes into fruition. It helps you get energy, and pushes the muscular system to hold onto the energy levels needed to build muscle in the right places.

TRENOROL (Trenbolon Alternative)

Trenbolon Alternative for Muscle GrowthRed blood cells are the life of muscle, and with that comes an extra oxygen boost. This oxygen element helps with red blood cells, circulation, and oxygen. But the offset of this also helps with retaining nitrogen, which is very important for keeping your muscles full, strong, and large. This helps you build protein blocks so that you’re bulking up, without losing it after you leave the gym.


The Cutting Stage of Bodybuilding

Cutting Process

If you’re just bulking all the time, your body will gain muscle, but eventually, you’ll hit a wall. The body is a machine, and once it learns your pattern of gym workouts and your supplements, it will stop producing results. You’ll stop bulking and will just waste muscle growth supplements. That’s why cutting matters.

Cutting confuses the body, and delivers results that shed fat cells, give you energy, and leave the muscle you’ve grown in place. It supports muscle confusion, and builds your body up when you are not taking bulking stacks, allowing nutrition to fill voids that would otherwise not be in place.

Cutting Stage Supplements and How They Work

Bodybuilding Cutting Stack

ANVAROL (Anavar Alternative)

Safest Anavar Supplement for BodybuildingOne of the secrets of cutting is energy. You need an energy boost to make it through your workouts, or you’ll get tired fast, and will be tempted to cut your workouts in half.

This helps with the natural production of ATP in the body, so that you can go harder, and longer when lifting.


Bodybuilding Testosterone PillsFrom inside out, your body is going to get a push of testosterone to all new levels. That means that you can lift more, and enjoy more gains from strength, without losing energy. By doing this naturally, the body is NOT going to waste energy levels, and your testosterone boost will not come with side effects like other options.

WINSOL (Winstrol)

Winstrol Alternative SupplementYou may have heard of the illegal steroid with a similar name, well this is legal and it’s the same type of option overall. When cutting, this burns through excess fat cells underneath muscle so that you see results glistening. It chisels the abs, and it helps all muscle groups shine overall.


Clenbuterol AlternativeWith this solution you’re going to be able to burn through more fat without working out. That doesn’t mean that you can take it easy, but rather it extends the workouts you do so that you get your internal temperature up. When you do that, your metabolic rate will spike, even if you’re not in the gym. It helps circulation, improves oxygen, and recharges your energy levels during and after workouts so that you are always burning fat.


Pre-Workout Bodybuilding Supplements
(After Workouts)

Pre Work Out Bodybuilding Supplements

Focusing on bulking and cutting is part of the larger weight lifting supplements you need. But you also need to focus on a different type of bodybuilder supplements list. You need solutions before workouts and after.

The following rundown is going to give you a simple guide for what to take before you work out, and what you need afterwards. Starting with the best pre-workout supplements and how they work, you’ll be able to get more physical in the gym. This is going to maximize muscle building supplements you’re taking during the bulking and cutting stages.

Decaduro (Deca Durabolin)

Deca DurabolinThis supplement is legal, and it does the same thing that Deca-Durabolin does, only without side effects. It’s a formula that helps with building oxygen rich blood cells and distributing nitrogen levels. Simply put, it helps with collagen, joint support, and strength. It helps the muscles sustain lean growth, and strength so that you can endure heavy lifting and workouts.

NO2 Max

NO2 Max Bodybuilder SupplementThe next thing you need is nitric oxide, which is an excellent supplement for bodybuilding, and sexual function as well. What this does is simple, it helps blood flow to your muscles, especially when you’re tired, and you’ve been lifting for a while.

It will push your stamina naturally, and will increase specific blood flow to your muscles so that you are not losing steam late into your workout. It’s natural, safe, and it helps with heart health, muscular health, and more.


Post-Workout Bodybuilding Supplements
(After Workouts)

Post Workout Bodybuilding Supplements

The next big thing that you need to remember is how to work with weight lifting supplements, in conjunction with gym supplements that you’re taking for bulking and cutting alike. After your workout, you need amino acid supplements, that help with natural growth, after you’re done lifting.

Amidst the best supplements for muscle gain, these are going to help you when you are living your daily life. They pay off dividends when you’re NOT working out. This will ensure you don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to gain in the gym.

D-Bal (Dianabol)

Dianabol SteroidAs far as post workout supplements are concerned, this is going to help you make gains, strengthen your core, and help with post-workout supplementation. It does this through assisting the muscle tissue with oxygen, nitrogen, and protein building cells. If you’re looking to build muscle fast, this is going to help with natural pushes after your workout. This is as important to muscle recovery as changing up your cycles.


Supplementing For Women

Workout Supplements for Women

Lastly, consider a bit of help for female muscle growth. Women that are looking to build muscle, cannot rely on the same supplements that men do, as the results may not be the same. It’s for that reason why the following supplements are so important. Aside from looking online for, women bodybuilding diet, supplements help fill the gaps of nutrition.

Here are some of the best supplements for women’s body building today:


Clenbuterol AlternativeThis supplement is known as a thermogenic. It increases the body’s internal temperature to help spike metabolic rates. That means that you can burn through fat cells, even while sleeping, because the body becomes a furnace, of sorts.


Winstrol for Healthy Muscle GainWinsol does the same thing as the illegal steroid Winstrol. However, this is legal. It is a solution that builds muscle, however, not mass. For cutting, this helps retains the physical appeal of lean, striated, muscle, and strength, without massive gains. This is perfect for women that want definition, not mass.


Anvarol Alternative SupplementThis supplement does the same thing that Anavar does, only it’s 100% legal. It helps with cutting, allowing women to reduce fat cells, and not worry about losing muscle cells while doing it. It increases ATP levels, and helps cycle through energy, and recovery for lifting, and cardio alike.


The Bottom Line On Supplements

As you look into bulking, cutting, and working out, you’ll find that the bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids are listed above. However, unlike illegal solutions, the muscle building pills help without any side effects, using natural ingredients. The reason why these work, while others don’t is because they focus on aiding the body’s natural secretions. That means that you won’t be using stimulants, or pushing chemicals that alter what your body is already doing.

With the right balance, as mentioned above, you will see your bodybuilding focus come through with results with ease. Use these options and watch your body change properly. You will need bulking processes first, then cut over time, and of course pre-workout and post-workout solutions. Again, these all help when you hit the gym. They are not “miracle” pills, you have to match their potency with strong workouts, lifting, and cardio. Done right, you will see results, simple as that.