The 3 Best HCG Injections and Diet Shots – Buy Only from Trusted Sources

There are a lot of different paths to losing weight. One of the formidable options, however, is a solution that involves getting HCG injections.

HCG Injections at Authority Food Nutrition

That’s right, HCG shots are not going to hurt, and do not pose issues if you take them in conjunction with the HCG DIET element.

If you’re not sure about this, or don’t know, that’s okay! You’ll find out below, everything that you need to know about weight loss, and how these things help the body.

The body is going to change everything, and eventually will increase your stamina, muscle systems, and more. Here’s how this all works, with full reviews of the most common options.

The 3 Best Providers of HCG Injections You Should Know

There are several suppliers that are involved with garnering HCG shots. You could purchase HCG injections online, and get a helping hand with moving forward with a positive weight loss option.

Right now, there are a few options that you will want to explore. There are currently many providers that can give you HCG injection kits. Which ones are the best?

The top names in this arena include Nu Image Medical, US HCG Shots, and Rejuvi Medical.

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These are the important companies to remember.

If you were to search for these things online, you would find a lot of solutions, which aren’t all the same. These are things that you are going to have to look for in particular areas with positive results.

These companies are going to give you a great deal of opportunities to lose weight. How they work, and what to look for requires a little bit of information.

The following is a full review of the top HCG diet injections. These are going to help you ensure that you are going to lose weight overall. Do not buy anything until you read the following information about HCG and shots that can help you get the results that you may not get anywhere else.

Nu Image Medical

The first company that you’re going to want to consider is Nu Image Medical. They specialize in weight loss, and have done so since 2004. This is a company that is going to help you with HCG shots for weight loss, and so much more.

Authority Food Nutrition at Nu Image Medical

They work with medical HCG dieting, hormone replacement therapies, and anti-aging programs online. They have an approach that has been certified by several bodies, so that you know you’re getting professional care overall.

When you work with Nu Image Medical, you’re going to be able to get a helping hand with weight loss.

However, you’re going to first be assessed with options that you’re going to want to explore. They will focus on how your body is right now, and then will factor in programming to help you with injections, and more.

You do not get shots alone, mind you. Nu Image Medical helps with helping you lose weight with a “diet” solution. This is going to help you get results, simple as that. While you will get shots, you will also get a helping hand with how to eat, what to eat, and what options will help your caloric deficit force weight loss.

nu image medical shots

Nu Image Medical has been working with weight loss options for quite some time. You’re going to find that this is a no-workout, no-exercise solution. That’s right, the goal here is to force your hormones to burn through fat cells, spiking metabolic rate, and allowing your body to discipline itself on how to burn through calories fast.

HCG Injection KitsWhen you sign up with Nu Image Medical, they are going to give you a 43 day program with HCG elements so that you can give yourself safe, easy to work with injections.

These are going to be easy to apply, with an 18 gauge mixing needle, and that’s it. You’ll find that it’s easy to work with, and will absolutely help you through the process of losing weight, etc.

This company focuses on personalized treatment. What this means is that they are going to give you personal attention before having you take any weight loss injections.

This is not a “fast” option, mind you. Nu Image Medical takes their time.

They make sure that you are suitable for this, to work through the right elements, so that you get results, etc. When you talk to the professionals here, they will tailor make your course of action.

US HCG Shots

The next option that you are going to want to explore is a simple one. US HCG Shots is a simple website that helps you get HCG injections fast. Why? Because they only focus on giving people the kits that they need to lose weight, through a 28, and 56 program solution.

US hCG Shots

They have kits that you can purchase, as well as simply HCG elements if you’d like. There’s a wide variety of options that they have, and you can start from a simple solution to a more complex one.

Is this a good option for you? Well, you first need to ensure that you want to work with the HCG weight loss plan. Whether you want the shots or the diet, you need to do a little research for this. You will need to work with weight loss shots and focus on the bigger picture of weight loss. This is not something that you should take lightly at all.

Now, the advantage of using this company is that you are going to get your kit with no filler. For instance, you could purchase a 28 day combo kit of LIP (MIC+B12) and pure HCG elements, with syringes and more. You will also get some instruction elements so that you can get the proper serum to help your body change the metabolic rate.

Unlike other options, this is a solution that is specifically meant to help those that want to just get started with HCG shots. This is an injection kit option that has no nonsense. Honestly, it’s not something that you need to think twice about. You see, it’s simply a way to get your injections kit, without having to deal with hurdles, or anything else.

If you already know what you need, if you already talked to a doctor, and you’re just ready to get your kit, this is a solution that cuts out the middle man. You can order your kit, get it delivered, and start your path towards weight loss. Whether you want 28 days, or 56 days, you’ll find that this is a great option to pursue.

Now, this is not for the beginner. You’re going to get a kit, that’s it. This is not something that many beginners will know how to manage, so consider that. It’s a good option, and it works. If you want no-nonsense kits, and just want to get to the HCG option, then go for gold with this option. It’s simple, and to the point, and gets you your kit, syringes, and more.

Point number threeRejuvi Medical

Moving along to the next option that you should know about is Rejuvi Medical. This solution is a full medical option that goes further than just giving you a kit. While it’s not as good as the first optio mentioned above, it’s still a good solution to consider.

Rejuvi Medica HCG provider

What you will receive here is more than a kit, but not quite the same service as others. But there is enough opportunity here that you will not want to dismiss it out right.

This company has been helping people lose weight for years. The way that they work is different than just working with HCG. What the focus is, is simple, and it’s short term medical diet solutions. This includes lipotropic, B12, carnitine, arginine, and HCG elements that are given through injections.

The injections work like you’d expect, but the additional vitamins and minerals help too.

The reason why this option is different is because you get vitamins in addition to the HCG element. That means that you’ll get weight loss through metabolic rate. The metabolic option is boosted through the elements, but you get an additional push with B vitamins, and other elements that help with energy.

Energy is a good thing because HCG can leave you without a lot of stamina. By adding a secondary element, you are going to be able to push through the fatigue of eating less, and dieting properly. The company focuses on implementing results that will help you improve your fat protocol, through the limited use of shots for weight loss and hunger issues.

The weight loss option here doesn’t start by getting a kit. You first talk to the people at Rejuvi and discuss your issues. You will then be given an option for a kit that just has HCG injections or one that has a combination of things. You’ll find that the combination element will help you get started with weight loss, and boost your vitamins as well.

The company is solid. This is a good option that works well for those that want to boost their metabolic rate through the process of injections. Once you sign up with them, you’ll have a subscription solution in order to send you injections and information on how to manage an HCG dieting plan.

This works. However, you’re going to have to discuss your issues with the company, and then use their plan with the added elements that they prescribe. There are some precautions here, mind you, but those will be discussed with the company once you decide to work with HCG, etc.

Simple Explanation on How HCG Injections Work

HCG Injection Before and After

If you’re not sure how HCG diet shots work, don’t worry. This is not something that is going to cause any major issue with your body. Instead, it’s going to help with natural elements. You’re going to be injection yourself with human chorionic gonadotropin.

This is a solution that is often produced in the placenta during pregnancy. However, when you have this in your body as an adult, you can help with reducing pure fat cells. It does this through a calorie deficient diet, that helps lose fat instead of muscle. It’s simply a reprogramming of your hormones.

This is in combination with dieting, mind you. Just having injections is not enough. You need to work with an altering fat diet, alongside with the injections. In the body, it reverses the fat cells, burns through them, creates energy, and allows the metabolic rate to fight against obesity. This is done inside, without having to go extreme with working out etc.

The Four Phases of HCG Diet Using Injections

The last part of this is going to help you understand the larger focus of HCG. This includes dieting and injections, and 4 major phases to understand. This is going to help you see how this all works for your body’s overall push forward in the right direction.

Phase 1: Loading

The first solution that you’re going to get through is called the loading phase. This is where you’re going to start your HCG injections, and start working with the right elements that are going to help you lose weight properly. This is the starting line.

Phase 2: The Low Cal Diet

After the initial phase, you’re going to find that the low calorie dieting is a big deal. You need to create a caloric deficit, which means eating a lot less, but supplementing with the injections as well. This is going to help diminish your fat cells by allowing the injection to boost metabolic rate.

Phase 3: New Weight

The third option is stabilizing your weight, because without this phase, you will continue to lose weight, which can be unhealthy. You want to have a set weight that you want to get to, and that’s where you’re going to get in this phase. This is where you’ll start to lean off of HCG injections overall.

Phase 4: Eating Differently

The last major element of all of this is the fourth phase. The fourth phase here is when you will start to eat carbs again. The low calorie diet means you will not eat certain foods, in favor of lower calorie input etc. This is going to help you eat differently, and sustain proper movement forward.

With the information mentioned above, you will be able to navigate HCG injections and weight loss. This should help you understand the bigger element of weight loss etc.