Diet & Weight Loss Supplements to Shred Off Extra Pounds

Diet SupplementsYear on year, more and more people has become more obsessed with becoming thin. Media has played a vital role in this. They perpetuate the minds of most people that being thin is what is desirable, what is attractive and what is beautiful.

Nowadays even the minds of most younger teens have been affected by this perspective. Everywhere people look and turn, billboards, TV commercials, actors and actresses, models endorsing different brands, poster and ads on print, all post men and women who are thin.

People have gone extreme measures to trim and shrink their bodies. The faster the result, the better they seem. That is why the growth in diet pills and diet supplements is always upward.

There have been several weight loss supplements that have been going around, below are some of these options on how people try to shred off those extra pounds and appear thin without the hassle of going through operation like liposuction, or choosing the healthier options like exercise or going on healthy diet programs:

#1 – Fat Burners

The Fat BurnersFat Burner is a type of diet pill that are made up of herbs and chemicals that stimulate the metabolic system so that an individual can digest food faster.

Some fat burners also often suppress appetite, making an individual feel full even if no food or a little food has been consumed.

This gives an individual energy boost for any activity as it generates heat inside the body that is also manifested by exercise, sport or any strenuous activity or movements. These are not, in a much specific term, the chemicals that burn fats. It helps aid in fat loss.

This is often times used by people who go to the gym who work out because they need the energy it supplies to lift heavier weights and to boost their energy further. This can also help an individual grow good muscles when partnered with exercise. It is also recommended when using fat burners as supplement, to drink more water since metabolism is fast and people lose more liquids.

Because all weight loss supplements pass through FDA or Food and Drug Administration before selling them in the market, it is best advised that an individual check on the label of their fat burner of choice, the recommended dosage and usage before consumption.

Abuse in fat burners may sometimes impose health hazards to the body and may cause bigger health issues. These are not intended for continued use. When used in excessive amount or over a longer period than recommended, these fat burners may make the body accustomed to the stimulant and therefore may not be effective anymore. The effect of this being not effective may further slower one’s metabolism and make a person fatter.

#2 – Fat and Carb Blockers

Fat Blockers Fats and carbohydrates are 2 of a person’s number 1 enemy in food consumption. It is known as the most difficult to digest, and oftentimes, the main reason for growing bigger in size.

Fat and carb blockers typically prevent the body from absorbing fat and carbohydrates per se. They are said to shred off pounds off of the weighing scale as they typically stop the build-up of such.

Carb blockers are generally made up of white kidney beans and wheat germ extracts that said to produce digestive enzymes that break down starchy carbohydrates that are present in pasta, potatoes and bread. These starchy carbohydrates are most of the time on the top of the list that are difficult to digest. When these are consumed by an individual, these carb blockers grind them and flush them out of the digestive tract.  They get eliminated from the body fast while having to worry about the build-up.

Fat blockers on the other hand, contain “Chitosan,” that came from the exoskeleton of shellfishes. They work like fiber that sips the consumed fats, and takes them immediately out of the system. However, these fat blockers prevent even the good fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6 that are required by the body to maintain a healthy disposition. When take excessively, fat blockers could lead to vitamin deficiencies.

There were several side effects that were noted as well for both fat and carb blockers such as gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping. Although there were also testimonials they work well.

#3 – Appetite Suppressant

Appetite Suppressant DietAppetite Suppressant – as the name connotes, it reduces an individual’s appetite, making them fell full even if with lesser or no food consumption. This often times leads to lesser food consumption therefore making a person weigh less or become thinner. It is made up of mixed natural ingredients, but mainly by green tea and other plant extracts, making a person more energetic and active.

Appetite Suppressants are not a substitute for diet programs, it is originally made for medical use to cure obesity and so it is available over-the-counter.  However, most people abuse the use of this diet pill that is why appetite suppressants have to be prescribed by doctors before use. Some of the side effects that were previously associated with this weight loss supplement when used excessively are fatal pulmonary hypertension, heart valve damage and sometime even addiction.

Some of the early side effects include blurriness in vision, dizziness, sleeplessness, irritability, upset stomach or constipation and dryness of the mouth. If any of these symptoms persist longer than expected, inform and consult with doctor as soon as possible to prevent further health risks.

Before taking any of these weight loss supplements and diet pills, it is best advised to consult with a doctor to know which a best fit is for an individual. Reading through articles and researching on the different diet pill options would also impose a great help in deciding which to take. Jumping in and taking a diet pill without careful thought could bring about health risks that a person may later on regret.

But most importantly, remember that size does not matter. What matters is what’s on the inside. There are a lot of people who get noticed, wanted and has become appealing to the eyes of many. Being thin is not a guarantee that an individual will be more attractive, more beautiful and more desirable.

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